Revelation & Prayer Journaling – AMAZING!

Revelation & Prayer Journaling
Revelation & Prayer Journaling – AMAZING!

The three pillars of my Whole-Hearted Woman coaching program are to love ourselves, love God and love others. Learning to love any of these people takes determination and focus. However I think it’s harder to love ourselves on a consistent basis than it is to love God or others.  Let me tell you about revelation & prayer journaling. It’s AMAZING!

I am always vulnerable to my own harsh judgments.  Perhaps you too?

One of the ways that I have learned to love myself is by committing to a morning devotional time that strengthens my spirit, my body and my emotional & mental health. 

I spoke about my entire morning time a previous blog post about my “Morning Devotionals“.

My morning devotionals include:

  • Prayer
  • Music
  • Scriptures
  • Journaling
  • Studying
  • Moving my body
  • Meditation
  • Mindset Work
  • Belief Plan

As part of this practice that strengthens my spirit and my love for self, I spend some time doing what I call “Revelation & Prayer Journaling”. Each morning that I take the time to do this, I leave feeling spiritually uplifted and renewed. Because I am so thankful for all of you who read my emails, especially when you reach out and let me know they are helping you, I want to share my Revelation & Prayer Journaling page template and instructions with you. 

Why do I spend all this time?

Here is a partial list of the daily benefits that I have received from this process:

  • I am a better person at the end of my devotional time than I was when I started.
  • I have much more enthusiasm for the day when I take the time in the morning to talk things over with God.
  • I feel impressions that I try to follow.
  • I feel like I am guided.
  • I make better choices.
  • I love people more.
  • I am not distracted by the news.
  • I don’t over-react when something doesn’t happen the way I want it to because I have a broader perspective.
  • I am more accepting of myself and others.
  • I allow myself to feel all of my emotions – even the negative ones like grief, worry or sadness.