There’s Power In Your Story: Rewriting Your Narrative

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There’s Power In Your Story: Rewriting Your Narrative

About 13 years ago, I owned a scrapbook store, and during those years everyone seemed to be into scrapbooking. It was delightful helping all my customers tell their family stories. I also loved being able to share my own family stories. I consider myself a storyteller and believe that we learn so much about ourselves and our families through the stories we tell.  It helps us make sense of our lives and our families. (Of course we learn even more if our stories have pictures!)

As a lifecoach, I see the power of stories and storytelling every day. However, they are not necessarily the kind of stories that we scrapbook. Each of us is living out the stories of our lives that we have created. I hear stories of those who have overcome challenges and are using those challenges to build a better life. I talk to people who feel at the mercy of others because they believe that others in their lives have more say in their story than they do.

The story that you tell yourself creates your present and your future.

In the self-coaching thought model, our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings drive our actions and our actions create the results that we observe in our lives. 

But, what if we don’t like what we are creating in our lives?

Changing Our Stories

The simple answer is to change our story – or the thoughts that drive our actions and results.  I’ve previously written about becoming the heroin in your own story.

But it’s NOT that easy.

If it were, everyone would feel like they have complete control over their lives.

#1 It’s really hard to catch our own damaging stories – they feel so true.

Then, even when we see our stories, it’s hard to stop telling them because they are so engrained.

And finally, it’s really easy to relapse into these not helpful stories by default.

My Offer To You

This summer I am working on re-writing some of my own disempowering stories and I would love to help YOU examine your unhelpful stories.  You can discover a better story, a vision of yourself where you are stronger, wiser and more courageous than you ever believed.  And then I will help you practice becoming that strong, wise and brave person. 

Is now the time for you to change some of your stories?

If so, simply click the button below and set up a complementary 30-minute appointment, and let’s talk.


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