Fall Bulbs = Spring Miracles

Spring Flowers

Last Fall I had a flower vision

Over several days last October I planted about 150 bulbs.  A combination of daffodils, tulips, iris and grape hyacinths.  I got wet, tired and sore – and in the end I needed a little of Lee’s help planting the last batch.  I just didn’t have the energy to finish the job of planting the all bulbs, and it was harder than I thought it would be.  But I did it anyway, because as soon as I saw the yellow daffodils and pink and purple tulips in the store, I had a vision of them blooming in our yard in the spring.  In my mind’s eye I could see them blooming beautifully. 

No One Could Have Guessed

I am so grateful for that vision because last October I could never have imagined what March and April would be like this year. No one could have guessed we would be sheltering in place because of a global pandemic.

Those beautiful flowers have been a source of beauty, joy and hope every day since they started blooming. I put tulips are in pots and beds in the back yard and planted daffodils all over the front yard.  They have cheered me up and they bring a smile to everyone who walks by our house.  I’ve brought them inside and filled vases for weeks, we’ve dissected them for homeschool lessons, and I even received a text from our neighbor across the street thanking me for the beautiful flowers she sees each day from her window.   I am at home almost all the time and the array of flowers has been a primary source for seeing the beauty around me this spring. 

Our Lives Need Vision Too

Our lives are a lot like the bulbs I planted last fall, we want something different in our life, we even have a vision of how we want things to look, but it’s not always easy or convenient to make the necessary changes to get what we want. It usually takes hard work, determination, patience and grit to make changes stick, and sometimes we even need help. 

Many of us desire to have something we envision for our future.  We can see in our minds the things we want to happen for us (could be new habits, weight loss or more money) then we try to build our lives to create that vision.  One of the things that makes change hard is that the results are not immediately visible.  Change takes time.

Let me help

I coach Latter-day Saint empty-nest women who find themselves stuck without a clear vision about who they are or where they want to go next.  The kids have left home, and they are searching for new purpose and meaning. 

If you have a glimpse of who you can be, or are just stuck without any ideas, I offer my help.  My effective “Finding faith, family and yourself in the empty-nest season of life” program is only $99.  This program completely focuses on helping you see who you are right now, identifying what you want in your life, and how to achieve those desires.

At this price it’s almost a no-brainer to get 1:1 coaching, a workbook and a follow-up session to help you re-discover yourself.  Click or press BEGIN to get started creating that beautiful vision you desire – and the plan to make it happen. 

What’s holding you back?

Stay Home, Stay Healthy – Flowers & Food Fix

Garden Center

I noticed something today that surprised me.

Our state has a “stay at home” order that our family has been following. Well except my husband and daughter both work at hospitals, and they still go to work…   My grandson and I faithfully stay at home, but we’ve been getting a little cabin fever.  I thought going to a big garden center and getting vegetable starts and some flowers would make me feel better.

When I got to the garden center, everything was different.  First, we had to make an appointment online to even go shopping.  At our appointed time they checked us in and gave us a 30-minute shopping slot. Half of the nursery was blocked off and there were signs everywhere telling us to stay away from each other.  In addition there were other markings on the ground directing traffic and keeping customers apart.  The cashiers had Plexiglas barriers in front of them, and 6 feet away was a taped square on the floor for us to stand in while being rung up. 

Worst of all, they didn’t have what I was looking for – Cherry tomato starts and a certain type of flower.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel better after my shopping trip, even though I bought $100 of pink and white geraniums and some lobelia and alyssum.

I didn’t feel better because I thought that shopping for flowers would make my life normal again.

On the drive home I thought about how I am also looking for food to make me feel better during our time at home.  What I realized is that no amount of shopping or eating can solve the fact that COVID-19 life is different than my regular life. It’s also a fact that plant shopping is not the same experience now as it was last spring.  I just can’t fill that “need” in my chest with food or flowers, because this emptiness is caused by grief, boredom and uncertainty.

I was coming to terms with my feelings right in the middle of the nursery when I realized that they didn’t have what I wanted. I felt sad and disappointed, and perhaps a little angry and frustrated.  Eventually I saw some pink and white geraniums and decided that even though they weren’t exactly what I wanted and needed, geraniums were going to represent gardening for me during the COVID-19 crisis.  I was still was sad, disappointed and frustrated, but I can deal with those emotions because I know we are actually dealing with a sad, disappointing and frustrating time. No amount of cherry tomato starts or a particular flower is going to fix that.

It’s ok to feel sad, disappointed, frustrated, anger and uncertainty.

I’m probably going to remember these feelings every time I see the geraniums this summer that came home with us today.  Watching them grow  will help me realize that this difficult time in each of our lives will also pass.