Peace in Uncertain Times

Sidewalk Chalk

This morning I made time for my morning routine which includes a morning devotional, and during my devotional time I prayed, I sat in quiet contemplation, I listened to music, I wrote in my revelation journal and started my “Awesome Wonder” Multiply Goodness study guide.

I started this day with worry and anxiety that there won’t be enough. Not enough time, toilet paper, food, medical care or money.  After the devotional time I felt peace. I worship a God who fights my battles, who holds me and everyone I love in the hollow of His hand, I trust Him.

Feeling peace helps me be more present with what I am doing. I worked during the hours I had scheduled to work, I drew on the sidewalk with chalk, played Sorry (and lost) and listened to my grandson’s audio book during the afternoon school time.  I had time to put teddy bears in windows so that neighborhood kids can go on a “bear hunt” walk and I still had time to make sour cream enchiladas for dinner, work on marketing for my business and fold and put away some laundry.

The uncertainty that we are all currently facing can rob us of peace if we let it. We can see fear and pain all around us or we can choose to do the things that we know will comfort us and help us find peace. 

As a life coach I can help you recognize the thoughts and feelings that you want to live with, the ones that make your life better, even in uncertain times. I can help you see those thoughts and feelings that aren’t helpful for you, the ones that might be causing unnecessary worry and frustration.  I can teach you how to do more of what works for you and less of what doesn’t.

I am offering a FREE 30 minute coaching session to help anyone who is uncertain, afraid or is spending more time worrying than they want to.  We will be able to identify your predominate feelings, find the thoughts that are creating those feelings and offer some alternatives that will make you feel better.  This is a great way to get a little break from this virus crisis we are experiencing.  If you have never worked with a coach before, there has never been a better time to try it out. 

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