Perhaps You Are Stronger Than You Think?

Being "strong".

When I think of being “strong”, I tend to think of physical strength, the kind you get from working out. This morning when I was putting on my “I am strong” socks, I started thinking of strength in a different way.

Sometimes our adult kids need our strength. The kind of quiet strength that lets them know that we are there, and everything is going to be OK. 

Last night I talked to my sister. She had two of her grand-babies in the car and she was driving them around and around the hospital. It was hot and she couldn’t play with them outside. They were about 45 minutes from home and her son and his wife were at the hospital emergency room. The son was sick, and his wife was able to stay with him until they determined what was wrong. My sister dropped everything to be there to support them however she was needed. They needed her to watch the two little ones.

This is the same sister who had a son that drove his tricycle off their deck many years earlier. He had a skull fracture and they were in the hospital. Our  mom (my mom is her mom) was there, standing behind her rubbing her shoulders and strengthening her while my sister took care of her injured little one.

As the parents of adult kids, our roles are different than they were when our kids were little, but they still need us. They need our strength and our reassurance that they can do whatever hard thing they need to.

We don’t always know where we get the strength, but we find it when it’s needed.

Do you believe that you are strong? Have you ever had a time when your grown-up kids needed your strength? Where did you find the strength?

Knowing that you are strong helps you be the mom your kids can count on when they need you.

This month (July) I am focusing on recognizing who we are. Knowing your identity can change your perspective on anything that life throws your way. We’ve all had a lot of things that we didn’t expect these last few months, but you are strong, and you can be strong for you and for those you love. 

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