Are You Trying To Be Someone You’re Not?

authentic self

Being your “authentic self” is a buzzword right now. I think it just means that you are being you. Sometimes though, it’s hard to know who you are. I’ve been exploring who I REALLY am lately because I just want to be the best me I can be.  Even though I love and admire so many other women, being myself is so much less exhausting than trying to be someone else.

Today was a day where I REALLY got to see who I am.

I was watching my 9 year old grandson today. He had a virtual camp class early this morning and I had to help him with it.  Since I missed my morning walk I decided that I would walk around the track at our local middle school, and he could ride his bicycle. He is still learning to be confident on his bicycle so I invited one of his friends to drop by the school and ride along with him.

There we were, me walking around the track and both boys riding around the track trying not to hit me. My grandson falls a couple of times. He has some scrapes, nothing serious. He has another more serious crash, where the handlebars hit him in the stomach and knock the wind out of him. And just like that, he can’t go on.

We were about a mile from our house and a few blocks from his friends house. Neither boy is able to ride on the road independently, so I decide to heft both bikes into the back of my car and stuff both boys in around them for the three blocks to the friend’s house. I was a little worried about neither boy being in a seat belt, but decided that between the risk of no seat belt vs having them ride on the street, I chose no seat belts.

We were all loaded up and headed out of the middle school when I realized that the gates were padlocked closed. Our schools have all been closed due to COVID 19 however when we arrived just an hour earlier the gates were open and there were other cars in the parking lot.  The other cars were now gone and we were locked in. 

I went through all my options. I called the school district office. Checked with the friend’s mom. Called my husband. No one was available to render aid.  Finally I decided to call the non-urgent emergency police number for help.  I talked to a nice police officer who was on his way to help us get out.  At that point I decided the smart thing to do was remove both boys and one bike from the back of the car.

We waited about 20 minutes and then someone pulled up to the gate, unlocked the padlock, pulled through and started putting the padlock back on. I ran over and asked if he would let us out.  Which he did.  We got out just as the officer was pulling up. I thanked him and put my grandson back in the car – with a seat belt of course…  My grandson and I escorted the friend home on his bicycle.  Hazard lights flashing and driving slowly next to the bike rider who did not check for traffic.

Miraculously, everyone arrived home safe and sound.  But the highlight of the day was when we got home my grandson asked me why I wasn’t mad about everything that happened. He was pretty sure that his mom would have been mad and frustrated.

I learned I am the kind of Grandma who:

  • Makes sure that she gets to take a walk even when babysitting
  • Teaches her grandson to ride a bike
  • Picks him up after he falls of his bike and gets him back on it
  • Knows when he’s had enough falls and lets him be done
  • Takes responsibility for getting locked in at the middle school
  • Knows when to call for help
  • Gets everyone home safe and sound
  • Sees the day as an adventure and doesn’t get mad or frustrated
  • Needs a nap!

I did all that. This is who I am.

Today was a stretch for me, and I did it!  I know that I can be myself and show up the way that I want to in situations.  You can too!

If you feel like you are trying to be someone that you aren’t to please kids, in-laws, spouse, friends or church family. If you want to learn to show up and just be your best self and feel calm, peaceful and energized when you do, I can help you. I help empty nest Christian women re-discover themselves now that they aren’t moms full time. 

My program, “Finding Faith, Family and Yourself in Your Empty Nest” can help you discover your “authentic self”.

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