Weight-loss Wednesday – Halfway there!

100% in charge

This has been an amazing month for me – I’ve reached some milestones. 

  • I weigh less than my husband
  • I have gone from being obese to being overweight on the BMI scale
  • I am halfway to my weight loss goal 

I am excited – and celebrating! I chose a “halfway done reward” when I started losing weight and I am going to make an appointment with my dermatologist to have the age spots removed from my hands and face.  That is going to be FUN!

For the record my, 75% done reward is something sparkly and my 100% done reward includes travel to somewhere sunny and warm. 

I am also leveling up my weight loss – everyday I ask myself,  What went right? What went wrong? What course corrections do I need to take to continue? My current thought is that “I am responsible for everything that goes into my mouth – is this bite going to be worth it?  I am surprised at how often the answer is “NO”, sometimes the answer is “yes” but more often than not, I am not willing to sacrifice my progress to a bite or two of food. 

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