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Viris Crisis

As humans with human brains we each have a “lower” or “lizard” portion of our brain left over from caveman days.  The purpose of this part of our brains is to keep us safe and out of danger.  Picture a lizard darting in and out of hiding, looking for the next danger.  This part of our brains does a great job of protecting us. 

Something else that is doing a great job today is the news and information industry, including network news stations, our cell phone news feeds, and social media.  Their job is to get us to pay attention to them – and they excel at this.

When we combine the primitive part of our brains with this constant barrage from the news media about COVID-19, we have a recipe for anxiety, dread and even panic.  Our brains are always scanning for potential dangers, and the news feed is full of information about pandemic, death and the collapse of our economy.  It’s the perfect storm, and our bodies and brains were not designed to cope with these constant threats.  Our bodies release hormones like adrenaline and cortisol when we are stressed so we can run away from danger.  And, you guessed it, it is not good for our bodies or our brains to be constantly in “fight or flight” mode.

Could I suggest that we all find ways to reduce or eliminate the amount of news,  information and “danger” we are consuming?  I am down to only checking my news feeds in the morning and the evening. You can do it anyway that works for you, but at the very minimum I would recommend that we give something positive and uplifting equal time with gloom and doom . 

One of the things I do as a life coach is help others see and reduce worry and stress in their lives.  This is always my goal, but particularly in this time of a world-wide pandemic.  To contribute the best I can, I am offering 3 ways to help the over worried, panicked, and stressed:

  • I will be doing a Facebook Live every morning around 9 AM (Pacific) with strategies to help our minds calm down.
  • Additionally I will be answering specific questions on my Facebook page.  Feel free to ask questions directly on the JennieB coaching Facebook page or reply to this email with any concerns you wish to discuss. 
  • Last, but not least, I am offering 30 minutes of FREE coaching to anyone who wants to take me up on it.  Schedule an appointment.

I think we are all a little nervous and scared about how things are going to work out over the next few weeks or months. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’ve decided to do what I can to help my family and community.  Coaching really works to calm your brain and I would love to help you see if this works for you.  

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