Sunflower Celebration: Day 14

I didn’t share much about the Sunflower Celebration today, I won’t forget garden updates in my future videos.

In my coaching practice, I work with women from the LDS faith who have adult kids who have left the church. These women have given their time, love and energy to raising children and when they leave, some of the moms feel like they have failed. They feel like their identity and value was all tied up in their children living according to the values that the mom taught them. Some mother’s feel like they did something wrong that caused their children to leave. Others are ashamed and embarrassed to talk about their kids at church.

In the coaching program that I designed for these mothers who are in pain because they failed at motherhood, I teach women three truths, love yourself, love God and love others – especially your children. I start with loving yourself because often in the hustle and bustle of everyday child rearing, you (the mom) lose some of your identity. You forget who you are and what you are good at. I help you remember and re-discover the true you. Once you can love, accept and forgive yourself we move on to talking about your relationship with God. I find that women who can’t accept themselves often believe that God won’t accept them either. Armed with love, we start learning how to love those around us in a whole-hearted way.

As a matter of fact, that’s what I call my program – The Whole-Hearted Woman. We learn to love and accept our whole heart, all parts of our heart, even the broken heart. Whole hearted women are not afraid to share their stories, especially with their families. In the video I recorded today I talk about how I owned a Scrapbook Store for 14 years and taught women how to share their family stories. I believe that once we have healed our hearts and started to share our stories, especially with our families, we can heal their hearts as well.

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