Rainbows and Dust

Rainbow on wall

This morning in my gratitude journal I wrote that I was grateful for dust.  I really am. 

During the winter it’s usually cloudy and rainy in Seattle, and this year has been extraordinarily wet. 

Last week the sun only came out for a few minutes and I was in the kitchen when it started shining in my window.  Instantly I was surrounded by rainbows created because I have crystals hanging in the window.  They are breathtaking to watch dancing all over the room.  At the same time I looked around the kitchen and living room. Everything was covered in a fine layer of dust because we are remodeling our basement.  Construction dust is everywhere. 

I took a few minutes and asked myself about how sunshine, dust and rainbows apply to my life:

  • It took sunshine for me to see both the dust and the rainbows.
  • At first noticed the rainbows – then I noticed a fine layer of dust everywhere.
  • My life is like this, I have rainbows and dust in my life. 
  • Light helps me see them both, so I enjoy the rainbows and sweep up the dust. 
  • I am so grateful for both rainbows and dust. 
  • I love the contrast.

I could have wished there was no dust, but if we didn’t have dust we, wouldn’t have a remodeled bedroom, bathroom and family room downstairs.  Instead I decided to love the dust too

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