Jody Moore – My Teacher

My daughter Erin introduced me to Jody Moore’s podcast.

I loved what I heard in each and every episode.

I signed up for her coaching program and learned even more.

I listened to her talk about her teacher, Brooke Castillo.

I listened to Brooke Castillo’s podcast and also loved what I heard.

I signed up for Brooke’s program – Self Coaching Scholars.

It changed my life, and I decided that I wanted be a life coach.

I applied to attend Brooke Castillo’s “The Life Coach School”.

I am now a certified life coach.

Being introduced to Jody Moore’s podcast was such an awakening for me, and that is why I want to share a few things I learned from her with you.  Jody Moore is an LDS life coach whose audience is mostly mom’s with kids, but she is a genius at explaining how your mind works. 

As I listened to Jody’s podcasts I was so excited.  The most life changing concept that I learned was that nobody causes me to feel “bad”.  It turns out that “feeling bad” is simply a thought that we apply to situations.  This EXPLODED my brain!  I NEVER realized how much power and control I had in my life.  I thought everybody else (husband, kids, family, friends, church etc.) had control over me, my time, and how I felt.  I learned that I get to create how I feel for myself.   I get to choose not only how I feel, but also how I create my own life.  I learned exactly what it means to have and use AGENCY

I would love for you get to know Jody too.  Here’s is one of her recent podcasts that I particularly enjoyed – it’s about finding your purpose in life.  I am so excited; I am going to see and hear Jody in person at her LIVE EVENT in Seattle this week.  I’m sure she will continue to share mind expanding concepts, and I will share what I learn with you.

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