Day in the Garden – Rabbits

Lee and I have been backyard gardeners for nearly 40 years.  It’s something we enjoy doing together.  It takes both of our talents to make it happen.  Recently, Lee and I built a chicken wire fence to protect our perennial bed from Peter Rabbit.  Tonight, Lee was doing dishes and I heard him say – RABBIT! I jumped up and ran to the window.  Sure enough, there was a tiny baby bunny inside the fence, munching on my newly planted flowers.  I hopped the fence to chase him out.  We wanted to figure out how he got in.  I chased him around the bed 3 times before he finally found a tiny hole to squeeze out of.  Lee repaired the hole and sprayed the fence with rabbit repellant (again).  That baby bunny was adorable but he can take out an entire garden in just hours. 

I am Jennifer with JennieB coaching, I am a gardener – I help food, flowers and people grow.

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