Why I Think You Need A Life Coach

I think everyone should have a life coach.  This is why. 

Once upon a time a long time ago a customer came into my scrapbook store, while we were talking she told me she was a life coach and offered to help me if I needed her.  I rolled my eyes on the inside – and told her “No Thank You”. I thought people needing a coach to manage their own lives was the dumbest thing I had ever heard.  If I had only known how much help she could have given me, I wouldn’t have been able to say “Yes Please” fast enough. 

I was balancing being a mom, wife, having a calling at church, managing 25 female employees, buying from 100 vendors, seeing 100-200 customers a day and everything that comes with being an entrepreneur.  I had deadlines, workshops, newsletters, schedules and timelines.  I felt stretched, worn out and inadequate on all fronts. 

A life coach could have helped me identify my priorities and focus only on those and delegate the rest.  A life coach could have helped me see the beliefs that were limiting me both at home and at work.  A life coach could have helped me realized all the possibilities that were open to me but that I couldn’t see. A life coach could have helped me with all the relationships in my life – my husband, my kids, my employees and friendships.  I had good relationships, but they might have been better if I had realized that I had a manual for each of those relationships.  Dropping the manuals and loving my people they way the were would have been so much less painful for me and probably for them.  I always had lofty goals and I reached them but now I know that a life coach could have helped me reach those same goals without all the drama that took a toll on my mental and physical health. 

I am 20 years older – my kids have left home.  It’s just me and Lee and retirement is just down the road, and I have a life coach and I don’t know what I would do without one. 

I still have goals, I still have relationships, I still have competing priorities and beliefs that limit me but now I have learned tools to manage my own thoughts so that they are always working for me and not against me.  These tools help me keep the spaghetti that sometimes clogs up my brain all sorted out.  It’s like a dental hygiene.  I can do the every day brushing and flossing that protects my teeth, and my thought work is really like having my brain flossed.  Sometimes brushing and flossing don’t get all the plaque on my teeth and I need a good cleaning by a hygienist to maintain our oral health.  My life coach helps me deep clean my brain and I love it.

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