What Do You Want?


Today I picked a handful of raspberries from my garden and ate them – they tasted like sunshine and sweet.  I picked a handful of blueberries and ate them too – and a few tomatoes. This is one of the joys I get because I have a garden.

I became a gardener because I wanted:

  • fresh food
  • beautiful flowers
  • to see nature up close and personal
  • to see how my garden is a metaphor for my life
  • a place to talk to God
  • to move my body
  • to have something to love and nurture

Now, I have all that and more.  My husband and I built our garden boxes almost 10 years ago.  I am the one who wanted the garden.  Fortunately, he usually wants me to have what I want – and is willing to help.  We plant, weed, water, fertilize, cut back, prune, remove diseased plants and pray over our garden.  It happened because I wanted it and was willing to do what it took to have it.

As a Life Coach, I teach women how to get what they want in their lives.  The first step is to know what you want and why. 

I can help you discover your “What” and “Why”.  Let’s talk. 

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