Thinking about my future self

I listened to my life coaching teacher’s podcast yesterday.  It was called “gifts to my future self”.  I started thinking about gifts that I have given myself today because of my actions in the past.  I workout 4 or 5 times a week and I have been doing this for many years.  I always told my husband that I was investing in our future together.  I have an auto-immune disease that affects my joints and I thought that if I ever stopped moving, I wouldn’t be able to get going again.  This week my rheumatologist told me that I am in remission and I don’t have to see her for a year.  I have no idea why I am in remission – I have been taking steps to improve my health for years, but I am so grateful for this gift.  I believe that the small and simple things I have been doing over time have compounded into this huge blessing.  I am not taking any prescribed medication, I move freely, I have minimal pain in my body, I walk and swim and dance. I am GRATEFUL for my body and what it can do. 

I am excited to continue giving more gifts to my future self because I love her and I want her to have the best life that she could ever envision for herself. Just seeing how the little things I have been doing have added up motivates me to find new ways to create my future.

Have you ever thought about how the things you are doing today can be a gift to yourself in the future?

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