The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Stories We Tell Ourselves

The past few days I’ve blogged about discovering who you are and I’ve encouraged you to take a look at how satisfied you are with your life.

Today I want to talk about stories and how all three topics fit together. 

I love storytelling.  I am our family storyteller, in fact I like it so much that I owned a scrapbook store for about 14 years and made a career out of helping people share their family stories. See above photo. I am an expert at stories.

Each of us has a narrative that runs through our life. We have stories that we tell about why and how we are where we are.

Have you ever stopped to consider your stories?  Are you the heroine, victim or villain?

It’s important to know, because we become the stories that we tell.  If your story is one of overcoming obstacles, trying hard things, pushing yourself to be better and always believing that you will triumph against all odds in the end that’s probably how your story will go.

If the story you are telling yourself is that others always had it better or easier or that you could succeed if only other people weren’t stopping you, you will always see yourself at the mercy of things that are outside yourself.

Imagine your story, what if you were able to write the narrative with the end you want in mind and then become the happy ending you’ve always wanted?

I am an expert at stories. I am an identity and purpose coach for Christian empty nesters. If you want to re-write, change or edit your story, if you want your personal narrative to be the story of the heroine who overcomes life’s obstacles and returns home with the kinds of experiences that have molded her into the amazing person that she dreamed of being. I can help.

Right now I am offering a special bite sized program to get a taste of what coaching can do for you. I have 4 spots left. The price will increase after these 4 spots are gone.  Don’t miss the chance to discover if coaching can change your story from a horror story, one that evokes feelings of fear or dread to an epic tale of adventures and triumphs for the heroine.

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