Honoring Heavenly Mother on Mother’s Day

Honoring Heavenly Mother on Mother’s Day

Honoring Heavenly Mother on Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s day and I hope yours was wonderful, mine was. Together, Lee and I watered our newly planted seedlings, and then I went to church, enjoyed the talks and the singing in Sacrament meeting.  Next I really enjoyed being with all the women in our Ward in Relief Society. The Elder’s Quorum came in at the end and served us the most delicious strawberry shortcake. One of our daughters came to dinner with 2 of our adorable grandchildren.  We ate and played games and had a good time together. Our other girls called and we visited with them.  Afterwards, Lee and I took an afternoon nap and then called his mother. It was a very happy day.

I Missed Hearing About Heavenly Mother

Last year on Mother’s Day, I went to a friend’s church for Sacrament meeting, where she gave an amazing talk about what we know about our Heavenly Mother. Sadly, yesterday I missed hearing about my Heavenly Mother, so I spent  some time curled up with my phone in one hand and my computer in front of me, reading the Gospel Topic Essay titled “Mother in Heaven“. Additionally, I read all of the footnotes and source material.  After that, I read Elder Renlund’s recent talk “Your Divine Nature and Eternal Destiny”.  I felt a deep desire to Honoring Heavenly Mother this Mother’s Day.

Seeking Greater Understanding

I woke up early this morning excited to continue my gospel studies.  In the early morning I used my time to journal about all the things that I have learned about my Heavenly Mother. While at the same time, being careful to avoid the “speculation” that Elder Renlund warned about in his talk. Surprisingly, I was amazed at all the things we know!

Here Are Some Things We Do Know About Heavenly Mother:

  • She exists and is a cherished doctrine of our church.
  • We are Her beloved spirit children.
  • She loves us.
  • We (females) look like Her.
  • She is as concerned about us as our earthly mothers, and from beyond the veil is working to help us. 
  • She was a partner in the creation.
  • She helped design The Plan of Salvation.
  • Our Divine Heavenly Mother is side by side with the Divine Heavenly Father.

It was a wonderful ending to Mother’s Day, considering the part Heavenly Mother plays in my life.

I know our Heavenly Parents know us individually and want the best for me and for you.

I ask myself – How do my Heavenly Parents see me?  Where do I see them influencing me today? 

I know that I love and trust them.  Consequently, when things happen in my life that I don’t understand, I believe that instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?”,  I want to ask, “How is this happening for me?”

Similarly, when your spouse or even your children leave the church, sometimes we make it mean that our Heavenly Parents have forgotten us, and perhaps we have offended Them somehow.

They Want Us Home With Them Again

After careful consideration, we can begin to realize how much we are beloved by our Heavenly Parents. They not only want the very best for us, they are always looking for ways to get us home to Them. To reframe our thought, we might ask, “How this trial, event or situation will work out for us and bring us closer to Them?

That was my Mother’s Day message. I hope by sharing my insights you will find something that resonates with you too.