Sunflower Celebration

Sunflower Festival

100 days from now is Friday, August 27th. It will be a special day for me, and for you I hope. In 100 days I am celebrating my Sunflower Festival Project. It’s a whole bunch of ideas that I squished together into a party. It started when I vacationed in Texas in April and went to Wild Seed Farms and picked up a couple of packages of sunflowers and found a couple more packages left over at my house from last year. The idea of a homegrown sunflower festival was born. The farms around my home have sunflower festivals each year, they charge $15 to let you walk around their sunflowers, take photos, buy fair food, and enjoy the music. Each year I decide to plant a few sunflowers and enjoy them on my own. This year I wondered if I could start 100 seedlings inside and get them all planted outside. That’s all that it took, my sunflower project was born.

For me my sunflower project is a social media transformation in 100 days. I was already doing a marketing challenge for my coaching business that included 100 posts in 30 days. That’s where I squished things together. I was really excited about the sunflowers and was also trying to be excited about the marketing challenge. I wondered how I could put the two together and create a whole new approach to social media marketing for me. I have a vision of a calmer, clearer, happier me when it comes to social media. I can see her in my mind’s eye, myself in 100 days, a woman who is confident using social media because she decided to make it fun, consistent, and easy.

I’m inviting you to participate too! What would you like to do in the next 100 days to make a change in your life? It can be anything, improve a relationship, learn a new skill, organize your house. Just write it down and then start envisioning yourself having completed your project. Can you see yourself? Can you imagine how you will feel? It’s not easy to picture the future, but envisioning it is one of the keys to doing it.

If you can’t imagine your changed self, don’t despair, I would love to help. Reach out to me, we will have a Zoom visit and create your vision and map out your plan.

On August 27th. I will host a celebration from my back yard – and you can celebrate too!
It can be life changing, and you can do it! Let’s get started.

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