Happy Belated Pi Day To You!

strawberry pie on white plate

My husband is an engineer and loves Pi day. It’s a favorite joke between him and our daughters, who have memorized Pi out to the most digits.  (3.1415926535897932384626433)   It’s so fun to remember Pi jokes and fresh pie from when our kids lived at home, even though I only know Pi to 3.14…

I love pie too, but not the mathematical kind. I love strawberry pie. For me, strawberry pie brings memories of my mother teaching me how to make it – memorizing the recipe for her pie crust and then also memorizing the steps to make the strawberry filling. She didn’t use jello in her recipe, she used crushed strawberries sweetened with sugar and thickened with cornstarch, and poured over fresh strawberries topped with the most wonderful whipped cream (not out of a can). I can still smell the strawberry filling cooking. 

Even though I don’t usually eat pie since I went gluten-free 15 years ago, I can still remember the recipe and the steps to make it.   Both of these memories are important to me and to my children, and to their children too. They are stories of another day and time. What life for me was like before they were even born. 

Some children and grandchildren are more curious than others and ask questions about my life, but all of them eventually want to know where they came from, who they are, because of who their foremothers are.  

A whole-hearted woman knows that her stories are important to her family. They might not be able to see how their stories are directly relevant to their family, but they know they have been blessed by the stories of women who have gone before them, and they trust that something about their life will be a blessing to their children or grandchildren’s lives.

When we work together in my Becoming A Whole Hearted Woman program, one of the things we will work on is your personal stories.  The turning points that have made you who you are today. You will identify those times when you made a choice in your life that defines who you are. We will write those stories down so you can share them. Those stories help you make sense of your own life and the forces that shape it, and also help your family know, understand and love you even more. They are part of your legacy. 

I love how our stories are part of the legacy to our families, and I decided to include my mother’s strawberry pie recipe below so you can share a little of my family’s legacy. If you are gluten-free like me, you can use gluten-free cookies to make the crust.  I use crushed gluten-free sugar ice cream cones and crushed Pamela’s shortbread pecan cookies for my crust.


  • 1 baked pie shell
  • 8 cups fresh strawberries, washed and hulled
  • ¾ c. sugar
  • 3 T cornstarch
  • ½ c. water
  • 1 c. heavy whipping cream
  • 2 T powdered sugar
  • ½ t. Vanilla
  • Puree enough strawberries (10-12 ounces)  to make 1 cup of puree. In a saucepan, whisk together the sugar and cornstarch, then add the water and the puree. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly until the mixture is thick. Set aside and cool to room temperature. 
  • Arrange the whole strawberries in the pie shell and then spoon the glaze over them.
  • Refrigerate for two hours.
  • Mix the whipping cream in a mixer, and add the vanilla and powdered sugar when it starts forming peaks.
  • Top each slice of pie with a big spoonful of whipped cream.

Oh, and enjoy eating with family and friends!

The Best Investment I Have Ever Made! (And It’s Not Financial)

crop woman writing down notes in diary

This week I wanted to share one of the best investments I have ever made! 

No, it’s not financial, although it pays AMAZING dividends. It’s actually an activity that I go through most mornings, and I call it my “Morning Devotional”.

I love my daily early morning devotional time. It brings me a sense of peace and order that sticks with me all day long. Over the years, I have worked out a practice that I can do regardless of how I feel or how much time I have. I love it because it began as a gift that I offered to God, to give my time to meet with him daily, and as a result, my head, my heart, and my body are each filled to overflowing, and I have enough energy and strength to be there for myself and anyone who needs what I have to offer during the day, usually I have plenty, and to spare. It has been an amazing return on my investment. I always end up with more than I give. I love it so much that I want to share it with you and perhaps you will find it’s the best investment you’ve ever made too! 

My morning devotional grew out of a list of healthy habits that used to help me overcome feelings of depression when I was a young mom. As I got older, I  wanted a closer relationship with my Heavenly Parents, I wanted to know Christ better and I wanted to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Those healthy habits formed the foundation of my morning devotionals. I still find that spending time in the scriptures and seeking the spirit is the best anti-depressant for me.

The elements that make up my morning devotionals include:

Many kinds of prayers, such as, prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving, prayers for individual people in my life, mighty prayers, prayers asking for blessings, prayers to help me understand what God wants for me. I usually open and close my devotional time with prayer.

I am fond of gospel and Christian music, and particularly Southern Baptist, but my favorite style of music is scripture set to music. Music really sets the tone for my devotional time. I have a couple of playlists that I’ve created on Amazon music.

I love to read my scriptures. To me, there is no right or wrong way. I read long or short passages, using multiple translations or even recite memorized scriptures. I have no fixed number of scriptures or length of time I need to read. I am not in a hurry or working to any set schedule. I might spend a week on one verse. 

This both helps me sort out my thoughts and puts me in a place to receive revelation. I enjoy writing letters to God, asking questions, and then listening for answers. 

Currently, I am studying “Come Follow Me”,  belong to some Gospel study groups, including the Inklings group on Instagram and do two or three study guides each year with Multiply Goodness.   Additionally, I usually set aside one day a week to work on my topics that I struggle with or want to know more about.

I have discovered that there is a strong mind-body connection, and by moving my body more I can better access my inner thoughts and feelings. For instance, I might take a walk and all I do is process an emotion, like anger or grief. Moving my body helps me get those difficult emotions out in a positive way. it also gives me a minute to hear the Holy Spirit speak to me.

I have studied various forms of meditation and have found several to be helpful to me. I currently use an app called the Small Seed App that uses scripture as the foundation for each meditation. I really love a meditation where I create my day spiritually before I live it for real. This has been an intentional way for me to preview what I want for the day.

I use a technique that I learned in lifecoach training called “the model”. I use it in combination with journaling to use my agency to choose how I want to show up each day. Some days are better than others. Let’s just say that I am a work in progress.

The most influential book I read last year was “Soundtracks” by Jon Acuff. The premise is that we all have thoughts that we have playing like “soundtracks’ in the back of our minds. We are actually able to develop our own soundtracks that help direct and shape our lives. I call it my “believing on purpose plan” and I create one each year that I read as part of my devotional time.

The biggest worry people have when I tell them about my morning devotional time is that it sounds like it takes forever…  I admit that there are some days when I allow myself to have all the time I want in devotional, and it can take hours. I have busy days, just like you do, when I have only a few minutes.  So I don’t include every element every day in every devotional.  I love the flexibility that comes from picking and choosing what I think will bring me closer to God and keep me most centered that day. I almost always open and close with prayer and have at least one verse of scripture. It’s like a sandwich – prayers are the two pieces of bread and I layer the rest between like fillings in a sandwich, until I feel like it is delicious to me. 

Here is a partial list of the daily benefits that I have received from this process:

  • I am a better person at the end of my devotional time than I was when I started.
  • I have much more enthusiasm for the day when I take the time in the morning to talk things over with God.
  • I feel impressions that I try to follow.
  • I feel like I am guided.
  • I make better choices.
  • I love people more.
  • I am not distracted by the news.
  • I don’t over-react when something doesn’t happen the way I want it to because I have a broader perspective.
  • I am more accepting of myself and others.
  • I allow myself to feel all of my emotions – even the negative ones like grief, worry or sadness.

All these benefits don’t mean that I never get thrown off by unexpected bad or disturbing information, it just means that I have created a habit of having time to bring the hard things to God and process them with Him/Her.

One of the elements of “Becoming a Whole-Hearted Woman”, the coaching program I’ve designed to help LDS women learn to accept everything life can throw at them, is coming to love and understand God deeper.  This morning devotional time is just one of the tools that I teach to help us spend intentional time with God, getting to know Him/Her more deeply. 

{first_name}, I’ve created a simple worksheet to help you design your devotional time, and I would love to help work on it with you.  If you would like to receive some of the above daily benefits in your life, click the following link to email me at Jennifer@JenniebCoaching.com or just reply to this email and we can setup a time to talk.

Honestly, my Morning Devotionals are one of the best investments I have ever made in my life!

ALL my best!


JennieB Coaching
Your Life With Peace, Joy and Purpose

What is a Belief Plan? And Do I Need One?


This week I finished a project that I was so excited about that I could hardly wait to wake up each morning and work on it!  I finished my 2022 Belief Plan.

My Belief Plan is a series of scriptures, quotes, “I Am Statements” and thoughts that I want to believe on purpose this year. The plan is a reminder of the lens that I want to see myself through in 2022.

Last year the most influential book that I read was “Soundtracks” by Jon Acuff. The main idea of the book is that we each have unconscious soundtracks playing in the back of our minds that influence our thoughts, feelings and actions ALL THE TIME and that we can be more intentional about the soundtracks that we want to play.

I practiced the suggested soundtracks from Jon’s book for several months last year and they worked beautifully for me. One of my favorite thoughts I practiced was “I take pride in my appearance”. That thought was single-handedly responsible for more makeup and fewer trips out into the world in sweatpants last year.

Once I practiced the thoughts from the book, it was time to create my own personal “soundtrack”. I gathered thoughts from a variety of sources. I’ve included “My Word For The Year”, favorite scriptures, a promise from my Patriarchal blessing, “I am Statements” that I already believe more than half way, and quotes that inspire me.

This soundtrack became my belief plan that supports the emotional, spiritual, physical, social and intellectual person I am working towards this year. Last year my belief plan was a series of sentences on an 8-½” by 11″ sheet of paper hanging inside my medicine cabinet. This year it is a large poster collage of pictures and words that will hang in my bedroom.

Either a piece of paper or a poster works beautifully. It is the practicing of the beliefs on the belief plan that helps shift the thoughts, feelings and actions from the me of today, to the me I want to be tomorrow.

One of my favorite quotes from President Gordon B. Hinckley was, “Try a little harder to be a little better”. That’s exactly what happens to me when I practice these new beliefs on purpose. I am more focused on what I want to do with my “wild and precious life”, who I want to love on more, what delights and inspires me, and what makes life a little more fun.

I would love to help you discover what lights you up and inspires you. I’ve set aside some time on my calendar to have a “Belief Plan date” with a few of my favorite people, like you!  Let’s get together for a “Belief Plan” date on Zoom and map out the beliefs that will inspire and motivate you this year.  It’s Free and Fun!

Click HERE to schedule our date.

How A Simple Word Changes Lives

One Little Word

In the spring, my sister asked me to stay with my parents while my Dad recovered from a mini-stroke. When I got there, my parents were really struggling. My mother had Parkinson’s’ and my Dad was her caretaker, and he was wrestling with his own health issues.

Our family realized that it wasn’t possible for our parents to live on their own anymore.  I stayed for several weeks while we made arrangements for them to be near more family members. I needed grace when working with my parents and my siblings, who all wanted what was best for our parents, but we didn’t all agree on what that was. I needed grace for myself and my own family. Our lives were turned upside down in an instant. I really needed the comfort that thinking about and asking for grace brought me.

By the end of 2014, I felt that I had been flattened by a steam roller. It was in that mood that I was listening to different versions of the hymn, “Amazing Grace”, and my daughter shared a version by The Piano Guys on YouTube. Theirs was a mix of Amazing Grace and Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”, and just like that, I found my word for 2015.  It was the word “fight” as in “I still have a lot of fight left in me”.

Both of my parents passed away in 2015, my Dad in January, and my mother in July. I needed every ounce of courage and strength I could muster to be OK that year, and it didn’t end after the funerals. In a large family of nine kids, there are a lot of decisions that must be made collectively after the death of your parents. It was challenging, to say the least.  Remembering that I still had a lot of fight left in me kept me going – literally and figuratively.  

I have discovered after years of choosing a word each year, that somehow the word I choose ends up being the perfect word to face the challenges of that year. 

I would love for you to join me for a FREE “One Little Word” workshop/webinar I am presenting this Friday.  I will get into more details about how one word can make a BIG difference. You will find that the process of choosing a word brings clarity to knowing what you want – that can last the entire year. 

In this webinar I will share some ways that I have found to choose your word, remember your word, and how to use prayer and meditation to let your word change you for the better, and finally, how to apply your word to real life events.

If you would like some help finding your own word for 2022, please join me on Friday, December 31st at 10:00 AM PST

Learn how to find your word, the types of words that work best, and how something as simple as a word can make a BIG difference in your life.  

Sing Me UP!

Feel free to invite a friend to join in the fun.

One Little Word Changing Christmas For Me


At the beginning of 2021, I chose “wholehearted” as my word for the year. I didn’t really even know what being wholehearted meant…   However, after I looked up the synonyms and antonyms, I knew exactly what halfhearted meant and I knew that being wholehearted was the opposite.


I learned that being whole-hearted includes being softer-hearted, open-hearted and tender-hearted. These are feelings that I’ve spent 2021 trying to develop. I’ve been practicing knowing how to allow myself to show and share the feelings that I usually keep bottled inside of me.


Last Wednesday, my husband and I went to Utah for a big family get-together that my sister hosted. When I heard my brother was coming from California and my sister was coming from Idaho, I wanted to be there too. We got together on Friday night, brothers and sisters, spouses, and lots and lots of nieces and nephews.


Using my word of the year as a guide, I really thought about how I wanted to show up around my family. I imagined how I would feel, what smiling and talking and listening to everyone would feel like. I really wanted to be myself, but a tiny bit better, and softer hearted. I wanted to let the people I love know how much they mean to me. 


It was a great weekend and I left Utah with a peaceful, contented feeling, knowing that I was the best me I could be.  I did it with words, notes, and hugs.  I am truly becoming a whole-hearted woman, and it feels really good.


This week, my daughter’s family is coming for Christmas. This week I am looking forward to using my word again as a guide to being the best mother, mother-in-law and grandmother I can be, in a genuine Jennifer sort of way. I am looking forward to loving my favorite people without exhausting myself and being anxious about every word I say.  Without pressuring myself in a “what more can I do” way.  My word is teaching me how to do all of these things in ways that bring me and others true joy.


I would love for you to experience the joy I have from focusing on just one word each year. 
I am giving a FREE “One Little Word” webinar right after Christmas.

In just one hour, you can learn how to take one little word and improve your life in 2022.  I will share some ways that I have found to choose your word, remember your word, and how to use prayer and meditation to let your word change you for the better, and finally, how to apply what you learn to real life.

My Christmas Gift To You

Please join me on December 31st at 10:00 AM PST

Learn how to find your Word, the types of Words that work best, and how something as

simple as a Word can make a BIG difference in your life.

Sing Me UP!

Are We Having FUN Yet?

Are we having fun yet?

Every year since 2006 I’ve chosen a “word” for the year. Instead of choosing goals, I choose a word and then I let the whole year be shaped by the experiences that I have with the word. 

Usually my word just “finds” me or something will happen and a word will seem to appear over and over, and I sort of just know that this is the word for the next year. I found my word of the year yesterday and I wanted to share how it happened.

I noticed the word “fun” a few weeks ago and let it roll around in my brain. It popped up over and over, mostly because I wasn’t having fun. Sometimes I try on the word for a few days before I choose it and that’s what I did this year. I practiced trying it on.

We invited my daughter and grandson to dinner on Friday night. I wanted to make it special for my grandson, so he chose some Christmas music and he and I put some decorations on the tree. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed candlelight and relaxing.  It was fun.

The elementary school near our house was also having a Winterfest that evening and I asked Oliver (grandson) if he would like to go. I showed him the Facebook pictures of what would be happening, and he thought it looked like fun – I did too.  It was dark when it was time to walk up to the school, and a little cold. My husband and daughter weren’t getting ready to go outside fast enough, I don’t think they really wanted to go.  They were taking a long time to get ready, and so finally I said – pretty loudly,
“Get your coats and hats, we’re going up to the school and WE’RE ALL GOING TO HAVE FUN!!

Well, it turned out, we didn’t have much fun…  It was cold, windy, rainy and noisy. There were a lot of people and long lines for everything. I sent everyone out to find fun while I waited in line for mini doughnuts that Oliver thought would taste good. They couldn’t find anything fun so they all came back to stand in line with me. It took about 25 minutes waiting in line to get the doughnuts, and by the time we did get them, everyone was too cold and wet to enjoy them.

When we finally got back to our warm, cozy home, I had to ask myself if in my desire to find fun, I had managed to spoil the evening. That’s when I knew that I had found my word. My first “fun” lessons included – if you have to insist that everyone have fun with you, it might be a warning that you are heading down the “anti-fun” path, and the most fun thing you can do sometimes is to stay where it’s warm and cozy, and not go searching for something better.

Do you ever spoil your fun by looking too hard for it?

First Sunday of Advent

First Advent

Last week was the first Sunday of Advent
Our family loves to have candles at Christmastime. I invited my husband, daughter and grandson to celebrate the advent with me, lighting candles and having a short devotional.  They were happy to participate. 

“Which one of us is going to break it to her?”
After lighting the candle, I read the devotional and asked them the question – how did what we just read help you to understand Christ’s mission? My daughter and husband looked at each other and then at me. They both have a great sense of humor and my daughter said to her Dad, “Which one of us is going to break it to her?” “Mom, none of us believe any of that”.

“Oh, yes, right of course.” We all laughed with each other, and my husband asked me the question and I answered it.

This is what it looks like in our mixed faith family at Christmas time.

My daughter and husband weren’t offended that I had asked them a question about their faith. My grandson got to light and blow out the candles, and I didn’t take it personally that they only want to participate in pieces of the Christmas celebration.

We all enjoyed our time together and felt peace together as we enjoyed the parts of a Christmas tradition that means different things to different family members.

It Can Be Hard To Let Go Of Family Traditions
It hasn’t always been like this. When members of my family stepped away from the church, I didn’t want to let go of years and years of family tradition. I thought there was a “right way” to celebrate the birth of Christ and I didn’t want to give up Christmas Eve nativities, finding ways to serve each other and others, reading scripture together and attending church Christmas functions together.  I thought that they “owed” it to me to stick with our family traditions.

Each Of Us Has Our Own Journey
Letting each other follow their own journey and celebrate privately or as a family is a concept that we had to work on together. It hasn’t been an easy transition, but differentiation is important for all of us to learn. Sometimes Mothers (or fathers) think that our identity is wrapped up in our children’s stories. We feel that if they reject our values that they are rejecting us.

I thought that members of my family weren’t doing their lives the right way and I felt compelled to help them understand that my way was the right way. It didn’t go very well. People really hate having other people tell them how they ‘should’ be living their lives. I didn’t much like everyone avoiding me because I was preaching at them either.

Developing New Christmas Practices
When we started just letting everyone take care of what they needed from our family celebration, our Christmas’ became better for everyone, especially me. I stopped taking on the role of Christmas magician and stopped being responsible for everyone else’s Christmas and started making sure that I had the spiritual parts of Christmas that I wanted to enjoy, either by myself or with others who wanted to be a part of what I was doing. There were lots of false starts and do overs and sometimes there still are, that’s where we have found that having a sense of humor helps us be together for holidays that we don’t all celebrate the same way. 

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share other ways I learned to integrate all the different beliefs of different members of my family.  It came down to love – and that’s what the season is all about, isn’t it?

Painful Lessons…


When “Small & Simple Things” Lead to Huge Disruptions and then to “Great Things”

I learned from Alma 37:6-7 that “small and simple things” often lead to “great things”, and so it was eight weeks ago when I was sitting on my yoga mat after finishing my morning routine of nourishing myself, body, mind and spirit, that I felt a small tweak in my back. I decided to get back in bed and rest for a few minutes.

After resting, when I stood up, I felt the most excruciating pain that I have EVER experienced and I could not find any standing, sitting or laying position, or way to escape the intense pain.  I started screaming for my husband to call 911, and the next thing I remember was some really nice, gentle firemen lifting me off the ground, getting me down my front stairs and into an ambulance. 

Pain Is Never Convenient

Because of Covid, there were no hospital beds available within 20 miles. So, after about 8 hours in the emergency room, several rounds of pain injections, prescriptions for 3 days of narcotics, a walker and an appointment with a spine doctor in 10 days, we were released to go home. 

I am glad that I didn’t know it then, but I was experiencing a life disruption or “life quake” of great proportions. It just so happened that I was reading a book called, “Life is in the Transitions”. This book describes how to cope with life changes that are unexpected and unpleasant. It also mentions that these transitions occur regularly and that the average adult spends more than 50% of their life in them.  

Instantly, I went from a fully functioning adult to someone who needed help with every part of my life, from feeding to dressing to bathing to sitting, standing and walking. I was in constant pain. I was in trouble and needed help – and was unable to help myself. 

Life Quake Timing Is Always Challenging

My husband was only three weeks away from retiring and needed to finish some final projects, so his ability to provide help all day was limited. Our daughter, who lives in Oklahoma, recognized before we did that we needed help.  She left her family for 2 weeks and flew out to take care of me. I would have suffered a lot more if she hadn’t been there to start making sense of what I needed and put processes in place that helped us cope with our “new circumstances”. 

As a life coach, I get to talk with people who are coping with “life quakes” on an everyday basis. I knew that I had skills that would help me, but between the intense pain and the effects of the medication, I couldn’t apply anything to myself. I needed help, and that’s the marvelous thing. I got exactly the kind of help I needed.

Four Actions That Are Getting Me Through This Life Quake

1.  I Was Blessed To Notice Small Improvements

I requested a blessing. In my church, when we are sick or hurt, we can ask to be anointed with oil and given a healing blessing from the Elders, who are also our neighbors. I can’t remember much about what was said during the blessing, but I do remember that I was told that I would improve each day.

As I thought about it later, I decided to write down those small improvements my body was making, and I told everyone about them. Everyone, including my family, friends, and all the people I met at the doctor’s office and physical therapy.  They all joined in the search for my physical improvements.  I regularly asked myself what was something that I could do today that I was unable to do last week?  I wrote the improvements on my whiteboard and recited them to myself to keep my spirits up.

2.  Accepting Help

As my friends and neighbors started noticing I was missing, several called or dropped by and they all offered help.  I took them all up on it and asked everyone to walk with me to my mailbox (two houses away), and as I improved I asked them to walk me to the end of the block. I enjoyed all the walks and all the people who stayed to visit for a while. I got texts, flowers, magazines,balloons, visits and long talks on the phone. I looked forward to seeing new faces and my husband appreciated anyone who would distract me. 

3.  Looking For The Gifts

From coach training I learned there are compensatory gifts in every situation, but you have to look for them to find them.  These gifts don’t just show up on your doorstep. Eight weeks out I have discovered a handful of gifts.  One is a gift that I have been praying for for decades. I didn’t do anything special, no extra prayers, no working at it. It was totally a gift. All I had to do was notice it.

I have had two people ask me if I knew that I was going to receive this particular gift, would I go through this painful time all over again? That’s a hard question to answer, but eventually I said that yes, I would go through it all again if I knew that is what it took to get this gift. 

4.  Grateful And Blessed

Every day, I marvel at how intricate my body is and I stop to appreciate all the parts of my body that work just fine. I appreciate everything that I can see and I also appreciate everything that happens under the skin that I can’t see. I have never been so aware of my body or more appreciative of what it can do.

ALL my best!

How is a Dental Hygienist Like a Life Coach?

Dental Hygienist

Like you, I don’t always love going to the dentist.
But I do LOVE seeing Stacey, my dental hygienist.


Even though I brush and floss regularly, there are just some places that I can’t seem to reach.  I actually LOVE it when Stacey scrapes and cleans each of my teeth. They always feel so smooth and clean when she is done.

I think a coach can be like a hygienist for your brain.


You may want to make a change in your life, you feel committed, and you work your hardest.  You might even be mindful of your thoughts and work on mastering your emotions.  You are doing your very best – but sometimes you just cannot keep focus or something comes up.  As much as we desire to make changes in our lives – there are some that we cannot seem to reach.  

You might need a coach if you find yourself worrying a lot, feeling stuck and not being able to move forward, or feeling like you have thought tornadoes in your head. 


I can help you slow your thoughts, recognize the ones that you want to keep, and help you get rid of the thinking patterns that don’t work for you anymore.

As a life coach, I can help you put your thoughts in order and get them working for you and not against you.  (No dental tools required.)

I work with women who feel worried and stuck.

Just like a hygienist for your teeth, after working with a coach, your brain feels lighter, cleaner, and more focused.


If you have any questions about this post, or want to discuss how coaching can work in your life please Contact Me and we can set up a time to chat.