One Little Word Changing Christmas For Me


At the beginning of 2021, I chose “wholehearted” as my word for the year. I didn’t really even know what being wholehearted meant…   However, after I looked up the synonyms and antonyms, I knew exactly what halfhearted meant and I knew that being wholehearted was the opposite.


I learned that being whole-hearted includes being softer-hearted, open-hearted and tender-hearted. These are feelings that I’ve spent 2021 trying to develop. I’ve been practicing knowing how to allow myself to show and share the feelings that I usually keep bottled inside of me.


Last Wednesday, my husband and I went to Utah for a big family get-together that my sister hosted. When I heard my brother was coming from California and my sister was coming from Idaho, I wanted to be there too. We got together on Friday night, brothers and sisters, spouses, and lots and lots of nieces and nephews.


Using my word of the year as a guide, I really thought about how I wanted to show up around my family. I imagined how I would feel, what smiling and talking and listening to everyone would feel like. I really wanted to be myself, but a tiny bit better, and softer hearted. I wanted to let the people I love know how much they mean to me. 


It was a great weekend and I left Utah with a peaceful, contented feeling, knowing that I was the best me I could be.  I did it with words, notes, and hugs.  I am truly becoming a whole-hearted woman, and it feels really good.


This week, my daughter’s family is coming for Christmas. This week I am looking forward to using my word again as a guide to being the best mother, mother-in-law and grandmother I can be, in a genuine Jennifer sort of way. I am looking forward to loving my favorite people without exhausting myself and being anxious about every word I say.  Without pressuring myself in a “what more can I do” way.  My word is teaching me how to do all of these things in ways that bring me and others true joy.


I would love for you to experience the joy I have from focusing on just one word each year. 
I am giving a FREE “One Little Word” webinar right after Christmas.

In just one hour, you can learn how to take one little word and improve your life in 2022.  I will share some ways that I have found to choose your word, remember your word, and how to use prayer and meditation to let your word change you for the better, and finally, how to apply what you learn to real life.

My Christmas Gift To You

Please join me on December 31st at 10:00 AM PST

Learn how to find your Word, the types of Words that work best, and how something as

simple as a Word can make a BIG difference in your life.

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