Loving Family Members – Right Where They Are


Last month my daughter had her baby dedicated at her church. 

It is interesting, a few years ago I might have felt bad for her “choices”, possibly even thinking that she was making the “wrong” choices. 

My focus for the last few years has been learning to soften my heart around my mixed-faith family, love them exactly where they are and have eyes to see the good in their lives. I can see the progress I’ve made because I sincerely loved baby J’s dedication and felt only love and appreciation for being there.

I loved how their congregation spent the first 10-15 minutes of their meeting standing on their feet, singing and worshiping Jesus. I loved how warmly we were welcomed. I loved how my daughter has been accepted and loved by her congregation, and I loved how they have embraced my daughter and her baby’s dedication. 

I am able to see all the good things that my daughter is experiencing in a different faith, and it feels really heart-warming.  I continue to love my daughter and now have added respect for finding her community. 

We have found common ground in our mixed-faith family, and it’s based on stronger unconditional love and respect for each other’s choices.

How are you doing with your mixed-faith family? Take a second to check in with your emotions. Do you feel peace and love towards them and their choices or do you feel worried and anxious?

It’s a BRAND NEW month, and I have space for two new 1:1 coaching clients. We meet weekly for 12 weeks, just the two of us.  Each week is personalized for where you are and what you need. 

If you feel worried about your spouse or child and the decisions they are making, I can help you see how YOU may be the one impacting your relationship.  I can help you develop the skills needed to master your mixed-faith relationships. 

Because that’s exactly what it is – developing new skills and “muscles” for ourselves. Understanding that we aren’t responsible for choices our spouse or our child make – but we are responsible for how we respond to them.

I can help YOU learn the skills that lead to increased peace and love with all members of your family. 


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