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It's Never Too Late Book Group

This summer I started reading Julia Cameron’s books – starting with her first book called “The Artist’s Way”. I loved her suggestions to help clear your mind – Morning pages, Artist Dates, Creative Walks. By the time I got to “It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again”, I was hooked on the tools that she uses to uncover creativity. She added a new tool in this book called the Memoir, which might be my favorite tool of all. It was so exciting to learn and use the tools that from this book that I decided to create a book group where we all learn the tools and try them and then get together to share what we’ve learned.

Starting in January 2021, you are invited to join my “It’s Never Too Late” book group. This book group will meet weekly on Zoom and is primarily for people who are in the second part of their life, perhaps approaching retirement age and wondering what to do next, especially since it looks like we are still going to be spending a lot of time at home over the upcoming months. This book will help uncover creativity that we never knew we had before.

There are 12 chapters in the book and each week we will discuss a new chapter. Chapters touch on themes including Wonder, Freedom, Connection, Purpose, Joy, Adventure, Faith and more. There are weekly assignments to complete and each week group members will have opportunities to hear what others have discovered about themselves and share what they have learned.

The “It’s Never Too Late” book group is $59 and includes the price of the book, which will be mailed right after sign up. Every week will bring discovery, laughter and new friends. Class size is limited to 10 people so members can truly get to know others in the group. Members will find themselves looking forward to the group meeting as a time to have fun with the other women in similar stages of life. Even for those that may feel they are too shy to share and don’t like to talk in Zoom meetings – I promise this Zoom meeting will change your mind.

Click Here to join my “It’s Never Too Late” book group.

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