Having Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

Seeing Beauty

“For those who have eyes to see, let them see, and for those who have ears to hear, let them hear”

Everyday in my prayers, I ask for eyes to see and ears to hear the lessons that God has for me. Sometimes we are all guilty of only seeing and hearing what we have trained ourselves to see and hear, those things that re-enforce what we already believe.

It takes effort and humility to see those things that we might overlook but have been in front of us all along.  For me, I find that I don’t see or celebrate my successes.  If I set a goal and reach it, then I tell myself that it wasn’t enough or I don’t deserve to celebrate it because the goal either wasn’t high enough or I didn’t do enough to reach it.

This has been an ongoing problem for me because I always feel like I am reaching, reaching, reaching and never getting there. I frequently feel like nothing I do is ever good enough, and I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.  It colors how I see my world. Everything might be going perfectly fine, but I only have eyes to see the things that are wrong.

I’ve been working on changing that and I am practicing admitting to myself and others every time I have a little success.  I am trying to celebrate those successes simply by recognizing that they happened.  I am keeping count of them and trying to revisit them regularly.  I even have a section in my daily planner/journal to write down what I did right today.

This little effort is really changing how I experience the world.  I simply try to notice all the things that are going right rather than those things that don’t quite measure up.  During this quarantine time, this is a good skill to practice because the news is telling us exactly the opposite.  We see and hear only the dark side of the pandemic day in and day out.  Amid all this noise it can be really hard to hear and see what is going right in my life.

On my walk today I noticed all the beautiful flowers blooming. This is easy for me see because I have spent my whole life searching for beautiful flowers in nature.  They make me feel happy and I celebrate each find.  It’s harder for me to use that same skill to acknowledge that what I am doing is good enough to celebrate, but it’s worth it because I am worth celebrating.

Do you ever find it hard to celebrate the good things you do? Take a minute and open your eyes and your ears to see the beauty you have within you. 

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