Gardener’s See Into The Future

It’s May, and I’m planting. Every year I try something new. A new color, a new plant, something different. This year I planted a perennial bed in the back of my yard. I’ve tried planting perennials many times. This year is different. This year we fenced in a little triangle in the back of my yard. This year I made a list of the all the perennials I wanted. This year I prepared the soil. This year I took into account early, mid and late season plants. This year I put the tall plants in back and the short plants in front. This year I planted spashes of pink, purple and yellow. This year I had a vision of what it will look like during August and I planted from that vision. I know what it’s going to be like because I can see into the future in my mind.

My future self is much the same. I sat down this year and laid out plans for this year. This year’s fit neatly into my master life plan. I know who I want to become. This year is a special year – 2019 – I was born in 1959. I turn 60 this year. I have a lot that I want to accomplish. I’ve set goals and made plans. I am working on them. Nothing ever turns out quite like the plan, but I can see my future self – I’ve named her. She has two nicknames, JennieB and Skinny Ginny. I talk to her. Best of all I know what she is going to be like in December 2019, because I have a vision and I am “planting” from that vision. I am thinner and stronger. I am someone who has learned to control impulses. I am joyfully committed, I am a life coach working with LDS empty nesters to plant their own future selves. I am laying on a beach at the end of the year celebrating all the changes and growth that have come this year.

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