Garden Notes



Slept in a little this morning. Woke up feeling a little discouraged.  Headed outside to the garden wearing pajamas and flip flops.  I wonder what the neighbor thinks.  I know he’s awake, he just let his dogs out. 

For years I looked to my garden to see analogies about getting closer to God.  Now that I am a life coach, I look for coaching metaphors there too.  They are all out there. 

This morning I grabbed my scissors and my new roll of garden Velcro.  Things are just getting growing and need a little support.  I Velcro’d the sunflowers to a pole, the cucumbers to a trellis and then pointed the green beans to their arch.  I stopped and looked at everyone, encouraging, pulling a weed, and clipping and making a mental notes about what needed attention.  I was just wrapping up my morning rounds when I noticed the clematis.  It started blooming like crazy about a week ago.  It’s trellised against an arch that my mother bought for herself years ago and then couldn’t figure out how to get to California and left at my house. I planted the clematis and it looks so beautiful.  Clematis is viney and it climbs without much encouragement, but I noticed a big bunch that was growing away from the arch.  All I did was grab the whole bunch and Velcro it to the arch.  So simple, but if allowed to grow that way it was it would have pulled the other vines away from the arch too.

So how is clematis like life coaching?  Sometimes we are blooming beautifully and growing strongly when we notice that something in our lives is out of balance and growing the wrong way.  Sometimes we just need a little help to pull it back and anchor it.  Coaching can help with that. 

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