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"I Am"Statements

Hooray, it’s August and a whole new month!  It seems like time has both flown by and crept by at the same time…

I’ve been working on a FREE Mini-Class that I wanted to share with you today.  The Mini-Class is called:

“Discover The Power Of “I Am” Statements To Change Your Life For The Better”

​“I Am” statements are phrases that we choose to describe who we are and what we want to be in the future.  I learned about “I Am” statements when a friend of mine suggested that I listen to a sermon by Pastor Joel Osteen.  I loved what I heard. He said that the “I Am’s” coming out of your mouth will bring success or failure, and what follows the “I Am” will come looking for you. 

I started paying attention to how I was describing myself and I didn’t like the future that I saw based on what I was saying about ME.  I realized that I had 100% control over what I believe about myself and started playing with some phrases that I thought would create the ME I want to be. Over a few weeks I played with the phrases and fine-tuned them.  Pretty soon I had a set of core statements.

The most exciting discovery that I made when I started practicing the “I Am” statements was that a regular system of practice made these new beliefs almost automatic. And even better, I discovered that Pastor Joel Osteen was right, what follows “I Am” did come looking for me. Practicing “I am beautiful” gave me the courage to let my hair go gray during the shutdown. I am excited to see the progress I’ve made in growing out the silver sparkle in my hair, and I think it’s beautiful. 

I’ve shared this Mini-Class with several friends and they each said that creating and practicing their very own “I Am” statements was AMAZING! 

I am very excited for you to download this FREE Mini-Class, print it out and try it for yourself.
Create some “I Am’s” that “will come looking for you” and I know you will be glad that you did.

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