What is a life coach?

A life coach is someone who helps you get perspective on what’s happening in your life.  She helps you look at your current life and decide what you want your future to look like and then helps you create a game plan to achieve it.  This happens by looking at what you are thinking now and doing simple reprograming to change the thought patterns, mindset and habits that make you feel stuck. You will move forward into the joyful, satisfying life you want. With a few simple tools, this can happen faster than you thought possible.   

A life coach is not a therapist who explores your past. She is not a friend who will commiserate with you. She helps you see where you are and move forward. 

Can A Life Coach Help Me?

Do you feel stuck, heavy, weighed down or burdened? Are you confused about where your life is going?  Do you feel like you have lost purpose and direction? ABSOLUTELY!

What happens during a coaching session?

A coaching session takes place in weekly 50- minute one-on-one calls over Zoom.  Zoom video meetings that takes place on your phone or computer.  Each week there is a lesson and application, with weekly accountability check-ins through text or email.  Mostly it looks like: you talk, I listen, we make a plan.

Will it take a long time to see the benefits?

Some things in your life may change instantly, as soon as you become aware of them.  Other things take longer. Try my 8-week “Your Best Year Ever” program and see how coaching fits into your life. 

Can’t you just tell me what I should do?

Nope, I don’t know what you should do, but I believe that YOU know what you should do in your life, and I can help you sort through your choices and help you make decisions. 

Are you going to ask me about my feelings?

Yes, we are going to talk about feelings.  Having the language of emotions helps us to experience a much more beautiful and rich life.   It’s just one of the tools you will learn in the coaching toolbox. We are also going to talk about thoughts, actions and results.

Do you have a coach?

Yes, I do.  I have a couple of them.  I have a life coach and I have a business coach.  I also self-coach on a daily basis.  I do my own work, so that I can be fully present for the people I coach. 

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