Best Christmas Ever! – Day 6 of 12

Today is day 6 of my 12 day Best Christmas Ever series, or how your Christmas can go from hurry and worry to joy and peace.  You’re half way – and we have covered a lot of ground!

So far you imagined yourself looking around on Christmas Day and thinking the thought – This has been the Best Christmas Ever!  Then you identified the feelings that you wanted to have of joy, peace and love, and you’ve been practicing those feelings.  You identified all the reasons or obstacles that prevent you from having the best Christmas ever – and you came up with strategies to overcome each of those obstacles.  Next you came up with a script or a blueprint for Christmas day that you are reviewing regularly.  You are also being careful to avoid falling into “perfectionist fantasy” syndrome, and you are allowing yourself the grace of being human.

Today I am requesting you to do something quite counter-intuitive:

Slow down…

Before you watch my next video, take a moment and think about these questions:
Where can you slow down a little? What would happen if you did? Do you believe that you can get more done when you go slower? How would that be possible?

When you are ready, click on the image below and view my day 6 video on having your Best Christmas Ever.

Day 6
Best Christmas Ever!

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