“Ask A Coach” – Responses To LDS Mixed-Faith Family Questions

LDS Mixed-Faith Family Questions

I am excited to announce that the first 2 episodes of “Ask A Coach” have been posted on my YouTube channel!   My goal is to provide some solutions to questions that often come up in LDS mixed-faith families. 

Episode 1 Questions:

1. “Are you okay if Dad and I still talk about our church experiences around you?”

2. “Will they turn away from the health habits they’ve followed their entire lives?”

3. “My husband just told me that he doesn’t believe the church is true and he wants to tell me all the reasons. What do I do?”

Episode 2 Questions:

1. “How are we going to tell our children that my spouse is leaving the church?”

2. “The language we use to describe each other as “believers” or “non-believers” is important.”

I plan to address a few questions in video format every couple of weeks.  I will let you know when the episodes are posted and the questions I address.

If you are in a mixed-faith family – I NEED YOUR HELP!

I know what my mixed-faith family questions were and are, but I would like to address YOUR questions.  Could you take a moment and send me an email with a few of the questions YOU are looking for answers to?

My goal as a life coach is to provide support for LDS women that want to remain faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ, even when their children or husband lose faith and choose different paths.  If this is you, I would truly like to assist you in this journey. 


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